E-Library of Legal Document

Legal document management and analytics should be Easy, Accessible, Smart & Cost Efficient.

LexDigi is a SaaS based legal tech company that provides an end-to-end legal document lifecycle management and analytics platform for companies to simplify the way they source, draft, review, sign and store legal document in one platform.


Document Builder + Virtual Data Room

Choose & Draft
Approve & Sign Digitally
Store & Monitor

in one integrated platform

Legal Document Builder

Automated templates for legal documents and build contracts in minutes

Automated Workflow

Collaborate with teams or external counsels in creating, reviewing and approving online


Integrated with certified e-signature solutions to sign documents on the go

Central Repository and Integrations

Systematically stored in legal due diligence format. Integrated with other document storage solution i.e., Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

AI Data Extraction and Analytics

Extract key data points, e.g., contract title, party names, key clauses, expiration dates. Search and analyze documents in seconds

Automatic Alert

A built-in reminder tool to help users and their team in taking the necessary actions for their legal documents (e.g., renewing expiring license / contract)


Digital Library

Customized E-Library for your Smart Templates

A digital library that has a collection of your selected smart templates for your company’s stakeholders and clients.

This way, all parties that are needed to prepare the required documents could easily access and prepare those documents from the digital library, anytime, anywhere.

Hassle free, no more using wrong documents or old version.

Document Builder & Collaboration

Smart Automated Documents

With automated templates, it is now possible to draft documents up to 80% faster. Just answer some questions to get a first draft ready in minutes.

Collaboration and Workflow

Use a shared workspace for collaborating on documents at every stage of a document lifecycle. Co-draft documents with stakeholders and manage approvals in one platform.

Digital Signature

Integrated e-signature solutions

Create, collaboration and e-sign documents within one platform.

Virtual Data Room

Summary of Legal Documents

The key information and documents that you inserted and uploaded will be automatically previewed in the form of a summary.

Store, Manage & Monitor

Upload your company's legal documents and their key information will be made in a due diligence format. Collaborate with your team or external counsels in managing and monitoring your company’s legal documents and key obligations online.

Automatic Alert Notification

Compliance Reminders

A built-in reminder tool will help you and your team to take any the necessary action for your legal documents (e.g., renewing your expiring license or contracts or performing an obligation as set out under a license of contract).

Have your own company's legal document smart templates and e-library!

Our legal tech specialist and technologist team are here to help you digitalize and create your company’s smart templates!