LexDigi was founded and built by legal practitioners with more than 15 years of experience and software engineers who are expert in AI and cloud technology.


We believe that legal compliance, and the continuous ability to mitigate and managing legal risks, are the important factors for every company’s success, and therefore, we believe that every company should be able to easily access, manage and monitor all of its legal obligations that originating from its various legal documents (i.e., not only agreements and material contracts, but also other legal related documents such as corporate deeds, licenses, etc.).

As practicing lawyers and an ex-in-house counsels ourselves, we understand the issues and challenges in analysing, managing and monitoring legal documents, and the expectation to continually deliver a high-standard of legal services from time to time.

It is our goal to build the best legal services supporting system and tools by utilising the latest advancement of cloud and AI technology, such that they could make both lawyers and in-house legal counsels life easier in analysing managing and monitoring the legal documents and obligations of their corporate clients or companies, respectively.